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Bulk Fast Result Digital Thermometer, 30 Seconds Result Water Resistant Thermometers

Bulk Fast Result Digital Thermometer, 30 Seconds Result Water Resistant Thermometers

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Bulk Digital Thermometer, features high accuracy temperature measurement, large display with results in about 30 seconds, oral or anal use, and is water resistant and child safe. Temperature range of 96.0 – 107.6 in Fahrenheit. FDA approved.

Maybe you're checking to see if your child is sick or just really doesn't want to go to school today. Maybe you need some confirmation that you're as sick as you feel and not just making excuses to skip work. Whatever the reason, a reliable thermometer is a good way to get a head's up when something is wrong, health-wise.

Of course, traditional thermometers can be difficult to read, especially if you're the one who's sick. You've got to angle it just right to see the line and your eyes have to be sharp enough to determine where it falls. And you're certainly not able to read that line down to tenths of a degree.

  • an easy-to-read LCD display
  • an automatic switch-off feature
  • a replaceable battery
  • a clear storage case, with your business logo or advertising slogan prominently displayed on it

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