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Fundraising Products | Fundraising ideas

If you are looking for a reliable and creative fundraising supplier, DOZPrint provides an extensive variety of fundraising products that set you up for profitable fundraising campaigns. DOZPrint focuses on providing quality, wholesale products that people want to buy and are already buying. So, when you are raising money for school, church, youth sports, or any cause that’s near and dear to you (the list goes on!), we offer products that appeal to a wide-range of customers.

Obviously, depending on the fundraiser cause, there are going to be differences in what would be the best fundraising products to sell. Overall, consider what is most valuable to your customers as they consider products:

  • Unique products
  • Wholesale pricing
  • 50% (or more) profit margin
  • Provide real value for customers
  • Price points generate lots of revenue
  • Product is something people want

So, whether you are fundraising for your school’s clubs and organizations, church groups, or looking for a unique idea to fundraise for cancer research efforts, the product list is full of variety, fun, and creative. DOZPrint supplies these top 10 fundraising products at discount prices:

  1. Fundraising Custom Phone Cases
  2. Fundraising Custom Smart Phone Rings
  3. Fundraising Custom Silicone Bracelets
  4. Fundraising Foldable Shopping Bags
  5. Fundraising Foldable Backpacks
  6. Fundraising Flash Drive Keychains
  7. Fundraising LED Remote Control Bulbs
  8. Fundraising Custom 3D Socks
  9. Fundraising Foldable Water Bottles
  10. Fundraising LCD Writing Notepads

At DOZPrint, we believe these wholesale fundraising products are the best fundraising products to sell based on ease of sale, net profit generated and total value to your customers. Selling items that people actually want to buy make these product ideas a great idea for your next fundraiser. We have good deals and items that will make for an easy way to raise money for your cause.

We look forward to supplying your fundraising product needs as you make plans for this year!