Company Order Policy

ATTENTION - Policy Updated Due to Covid 19! Please read and understand our updated company's policy before placing your order!

Can i cancel my custom order?

Yes, you have 3 days of cancelation period right after you have placed your order. After then due to product arrangements and time we put in your order to make it ready for customization will not allow us take any cancelation. No You can not cancel it anymore when passes 3 days!

Can i can cancel if delays? Again due to being customized products we can not cancel any custom order after 3 days passed!

Can i ask for return or refund on customized products? 

Definitely NOT!, because customized product means personalized only for you and your brand. We can not resell that product. So please make sure you are 100% sure you need those products when you checkout through on website!

Where is my order ships from and how would i know that?

DOZPrint is a promotional factory which means products ship directly from the factory in order keep the prices the lowest in market. Another way to know your order is getting fulfilled by our overseas office is to see shipping method! If shipping method says Air Shipping then that means this order ships by air from the factory or our office at overseas.

Why I got some of my order and where is the rest?

Sometime you can receive some of your packages not the all, please don't panic if you didn't get all in once that doesn't mean something is wrong with your order! Just be little more patient you will receive all others too. If waited nothing showed up let us know we will investigate and get you complete answers.

What Happens if my order is damaged during the shipping?

We use heavy duty boxes that is going to product the products but sometimes some of shipping companies are not as gentle as we are, when they move products around. DOZPrint is not responsible for such damages because our business is doing products not shipping. We suggest you get an insurance for your product or Directly solve the issue with your shipping company.

Is Shipping Fee Higher Means Expedited or Rush Service?

No! We don't have expedited or rush services! your order is getting shipped direct from the factory and you are just being charged for International Air Shipping. Yes it is little more compared to the local but you pay very less to the product and over all your cost is still by half when you buy from the local market. 

Why My Shipping Delays?

Since this Covid 19 pandemic has started not just only people also companies like shipping companies are affected. More new regulations and inspections have born that are causing delays during the shipping or customs. Shipping costs increased dramatically but still not 100% satisfaction guaranteed by any of shipping and logistics company! Please be patient! We do our best to pick right shipping company for our your order.

Since we have no power over over governments or shipping companies We are not responsible for shipping or customs delays! It can not be a reason for asking a cancellation or refunds. It can not be a reason for disputes either!

What Happens if my package or items are missing?

This is a rare and an unfortunate case, we will surely need some calm and patience during this process, because we are here on your side as your agent not against you, We will do our best to find an answer. Soonest such thing happened, you must report the missing in detail with description and pictures of proof to our offices. We will investigate it for you and locate it where it is at first, If we were not able to locate then we will have two options

  • If products shipped complete and something happened during the customs or shipping then it means Because; there is no power over customs or shipping companies, We clearly can't be accountable! The loss must be covered by your insurance or shipping company's insurance.

  • But if something happened during fulfillment and we verified that by checking weights and documents then we will gladly either refund you or resend you the missing items or packages. 

How to exchange or get refunded?

If your order in some case not fulfillable and canceled, we will refund your funds back to your card. Again Custom products are not refundable! Anything else can be returned to our offices. All of the items have to be returned for full refund.  Customer is responsible for sending back shipping fees!

Please be aware of that, even we refund the money in our end still it takes 1-3 business days to appear on your bank account.