Fanny Packs! Why Is it A good Idea To Use It For Promotional Needs?

Fanny Packs! Why Is it A good Idea To Use It For Promotional Needs?

For years, fannies were only popular among tourists to store their cash and passports, and city maps in. But then came the 2017 and suddenly we saw fanny packs everywhere. Every store seemed to sell them. From cheap & wonky to luxe logo-covered spectacular giving it the high-fashion nerd treatment. Like Steven King wrote in Pet Sematary, “They come back but they don’t come back the same,” as is the case with fanny packs. We no longer are obliged to carry them around our waists, instead, street style trendsetters have decided that it would be cooler to wear them as cross-body bags. 

Nevertheless, it’s a piece of accessory so universal and practical, there are so many reasons why a custom fanny pack is the best bag out there.

Fanny Packs are perfect for family vacations to theme parks. Keep your sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and park tickets inside to let you ride even the craziest rides without losing any gear. They also make a great place to hold everyone else's stuff while they go on the rides.

Get Fanny Packs for your group's outdoor activity so your staff can go hands-free and help attendees make the most of the event.

Fanny Packs are great for attending sporting events at stadiums and arenas where security is tight. Get these customized with your team's logo and fill them with your necessities for the game.

They're also great for attending music festivals and clubbing. Speaking of which, these make excellent bachelorette party favors. Fill them with lip balm, sunglasses, and headache meds to keep track of everyone's phone and hopefully head off the hangover the next day.
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